Apropos Aparna Sen

a list of articles

As I am most occupied in the last 13 years with the films by Aparna Sen and Terrence Malick, I begin here with a list of links of all texts I ever wrote on Aparna Sen.

The order follows the  chronology of her films:


der Weihnachtskuchen - zu einer Szene aus 36 Chowringhee Lane (German, published in shomingeki No. 27)

Parama, India: 1985 (English in shomingekiblog)

Yugant, India: 1995 (English in shomingekiblog, first publication in shomingeki Nr.6, 1998, a note on films of the International Filmfestival Fribourg/Switzerland)

Paramitar Ek Din, India: 2000 (in shomingekiblog))

Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, India: 2002 (English version in shomingekiblog)

Mr. and Mrs. Iyer, (German in shomingekionline blog, first published in shomingeki Nr. 18, 2006)

The teahouse scene in Mr. and Mrs. Iyer German (publ in shomingekionline Nr. 27, 2021

The teahouse Scene in Mr. and Mrs. Iyer (English) in shomingeki. de Blog

15 Park Avenue, India: 2005 (English in shomingekiblog)

The Japanese Wife, India: 207-10 (English published in shomingekiblog)

The Japanese Wife (German in shomingekionlineblog, first published in shomingeki Nr. 23

Iti Mrinalini, India: 2010 (English in shomingekiblog)

Mrinalini on the beach-one scene from Iti Mrinalini, English in shomingekiblog)

Mrinalini am Strand - eine Szene aus Iti Mrinalini (German, published in shomingeki Nr. 25)

Goynar Baksho, India: 2013 (English in shomingekiblog)

Arshinagar, India: 2015 (English in shomingekiblog)

Sonata, India: 2017 (English in shomingekiblog)

Ghawre Bairey Aaj (English in shomingekiblog)

Ghawre Bairey Aaj (Das Heim und die Welt heute, deutsch in shomingeki No. 27)


b) Texts on Aparna Sen.

A brief appreciation of Aparna Sen on the occasion of her 70th. anniversary (English in shomingekiblog)

Aparna Sen - A sensitive observer of human conditions (English in Institute of Moving Images, Pune)