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Cine Darbaar (filmsociety in Delhi)

Ars Independent International Filmfestival

Bangla Street  (Bengali Magazine for culture, politic and life style, in Bengali only)

Thérese Gonzalez , Fotoseite

Teresita´s Blog

Terry´s Cine Club

Dr. Strangelove (Online magazine)

Schneeland (blog von Michael Schleeh) 


Online-Print-magazines and Blogs:


Senses Of Cinema (australian online magazine

 FIPRESCI (page of the association of the International filmcritic, includes also an own filmmagazine called "Currents")

DVD Beaver (great site with DVD and Blue Ray reviews) 

shomingekiblog (english and in exceptions french blog of shomingeki)

shomingeki-deutsch (shomingeki blog in german language)

Dirty Laundry


Filmmaker (blogs or home pages)


Trang Nguyen

Anamika Bandopadhyay

Black Country Cinema (colledctive of four filmmakers in the West Midlands of England)

Shaheen Dill-Riaz 

Rudolf Thome  /Moana-Blog


more Links coming soon.